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Professional Customer Retention Marketing Software

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Winback and Retain your dead data and current clients with out of the box call center software.
Run your own campaigns including; welcome calls, winback, promotions, customer surveys and more.
• Real Time Reporting with agent and call stats
- View where your agents and campaigns are at in the real time throughout the day. Your campaigns are only as good as your stats. Keeping an eye as the campaign runs ensures you won’t miss a beat. This feature allows you to fine tune your campaign the minute you spot downtime with an agent or call list.
• CSV list import
- Allows you to enter all the important data required to obtain successful results for your campaign. Our software provides the basics and leaves ample room to add your own categories.
• Cost reports
- Costs reports include your VOIP calls costs and agent rates and bonus giveaways. Giving you real cost in real time throughout the day with an automated report emailed at the end of the campaign.
• VOIP integration
- Our software plugs into any VOIP service of your choice. We have several tried and tested to recommend but should come with your own we will help you integrate seamlessly .
• Run multiple campaigns simultaneously
- Depending on your time zones and VOIP set up, you can run as many as 10 campaigns at once. If you’re running campaigns in different time zones that is up to 20 campaigns per day.
• Email follow up campaigns
- Each positive contact can receive an email following your call with details, account information and contact info for your company.
• Agent Portal
- Agents receive their own log in with a personal portal page that includes instructions of the campaign, schedule, and campaign list. When they hit the schedule campaign a page will show all the client information and phone pad to begin calls.
• Client Portal
- Clients also receive a log in including all the campaign you are running on their behalf with call stats and reporting. This can be disabled or enabled at any time and includes anything you wish to share with the client throughout the campaign. As well, they can receive automated reports at any given time.
• Full training
- iRetain provides full training on all our software with an option of in house marketing consultancy.
• Agent hiring and training
- Optional agent training is provided as well as hiring a new staff for your call center. Our executives have had great success hiring bright and personable agents.

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