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Over time email addresses change, people change jobs or move addresses. This is human nature. Email Business Soft does not maintain these databases for validity rates. This means when you purchase these databases you are responsible for running filtering or data appending services in order to make sure that your email marketing campaign has the maximum effect. We will provide tutorials on how to achieve this with minimum cost to yourself. We understand this is a business fact and price our databases accordingly. We believe that being honest about our data can help you decide how best to use it and succeed.

US Doctor Office Email Marketing Database

Thirty years in the list industry, and for the first time I’m witnessing an infection contaminate the reputation of our list industry. I’m referring to the recent explosion of new start-ups … with little history in the list industry … that are peddling bogus email addresses. I’ll not mention names, but a simple Google search on “buy email list” will show a long list of companies claiming to “sell” quality email addresses … at unbelievable low prices … such as 100,000 affluent email addresses for $399. Unfortunately there’s no such thing! A day doesn’t pass where some defrauded marketer calls, and shares a story about how they just flushed $499 down the toilet. A recent call-in shared a story of how he bought 85,000 golf email addresses for just $699. He figured he couldn’t lose even if 50% of the list was bad; sounds logical. He excitedly email tested a small 5,000 name sample, and quickly learned that more than 45% of the email addresses were undeliverable. No problem – as he expected – BUT then he was faced with a new development … his email transmission company locked his account … punishment per se for using a bad list. Most unsuspected marketers are not aware of this latter point; it’s a waste of time and money to buy a huge number of email addresses if there’s not an email transmission company that is willing to transmit the email list.

US Email Marketing Database

The Master Business Database is compiled from numerous sources, such as business credit reports, business financial reports, legal filings, professional & public business directories, telemarketing surveys and an array of custom business list compilations. In a nutshell, this business database is researched, verified, and updated on a monthly basis … meaning deliverability and data quality is guaranteed!

Dating Email Marketing Database

EMAIL ADDRESSES are everywhere … cheap and easy to find. HOWEVER, “quality” and “qualified” email addresses are a different story … and this is how is different from the competition. By quality we mean that 100% of our email addresses are Opt-In and compliant with the governmental CAN-SPAM ACT. By qualified we mean you can use hundreds of demographic qualifiers (age, income, lifestyle, business type, etc.) to pinpoint your best email prospects.

Penny Auction Email Marketing Database

Our professional Penny Auction Email Marketing Database offers an array of business elements that you may use to pinpoint your prime business prospects. .

Social Network Email Marketing Database

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Worldwide Email Marketing Database

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