Rent Email Servers - Buy Email Relays

Need an Email Marketing Server? We rent them with easy 1-2-3 Setup!

These are often poorly run and configured wrong, have unacceptable downtime, and come with untold daily restrictions on the number of emails you can send. Such servers often have nobody looking after their reputation - blacklisting is a near certainty.Buy Now or you can rent email servers already setup with PowerMTA and our email business software

Complete Server Management

Use Email business Soft and rest easy in knowing that your emails will always get to their destinations, no matter what. You can focus on what you do best, and leave all the email handling to us. We're pros, and we can handle any issues related to outgoing email.

More Reasons to Choose Email Business Soft

Success when other mail services fail

Email Business Soft began as a solution for people who were unable to send emails from remote locations around the world. Instantly solve any problems you have getting your emails sent out, no matter where you are.

You can see what actually happens to the emails you send

Traditional SMTP services are like a black box - you have no idea what actually happens to emails that you send out. Email Business Soft lets you see the delivery status of every email that you send.

Pay as you go

No need to purchase an expensive server. We handle all the setup and fuss, what you get is simple, easy efficient email sending.